About Cubefield

When I think about a cute retro games, Cubefield is one of those that come to my mind. I used to play this game about 10 years ago, I use to play it today. It is a really simple but at the same time awesome flash game with a good gameplay. So, in this game you control a small grey spaceship which moves through the endless field of cubes. You should avoid hitting any object on your way but do this very quickly. In cubefield game, the speed becomes higher and higher. You should make the decision very fast - move right or left to avoid hitting the object. Sometimes your ship may activate super speed, everything will become darker and the game will become more difficult.

I love Cubefield because it does not have levels. Games with campaign mode and number of levels are good but become boring as soon as you complete them. In this game, you fight against yourself all the time. You set a record of score and then try to beat it and get even further. I have found a video, where a guy get incredibbly high score, now my mission is to beat him and record a similar video. Hope you will enjoy playing the complete edition of the Cubefield at our website.



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